Sunday 12/09/21 13:00pm
Last puppy of to his new home. Che (ne Albert) is going to have lots of fun and hopefully so are his new family!

Saturday 11/09/21 1:30pm
Lots of playing with Che (ne Albert) and Pedra (ne Inky). They both have great recalls at the moment, as they think we are the best things in the world. Very flattering, but it won't last!

Friday 10/09/21 10:40 am
As there are just two, I can let them out under supervision to wander around the house and play with the other dogs. Loli enjoys their company, but our other dogs tend to disappear when they are on the loose. Even Pasi isn't that keen. Although she does sometimes go into their pen to regurgitate food for them.

Thursday 09/09/21 9:50 am
Just two puppies still here, Pedra (ne Inky) who is staying with us and Che (ne Albert) who will be in his new home soon. They are a lot quieter but are enjoying the increased attention just two of them get.

Wednesday 08/09/21 9:00 am
Rosa Lita (ne Mary) off to her new home with her owners...


Tuesday 07/09/21 9:15 am
A family photo. Diego (Magpie as was), his mother, Pasi and grandmother, Lita (and an adopted auntie Cockle) and his new human family.

Friday 03/09/21 8:25 pm
The puppies last weigh in for the puppy weights graph. As the first of the puppies are off to their new homes tomorrow, it will change the averages and litter weight gain. Also the main reason for the graphs is to make sure all the puppies are eating. With fewer puppies this can now be done more easily by observation.

Friday 03/09/21 3:15 pm
The puppies are spending lots of time in the garden. Mostly in a pen, but we have let them out for a run two at a time. This is a great way to assess their character. Bolder ones disappear into the bushes the more people focused just follow us around. They all have good recalls at the moment.

Friday 03/09/21 2:45 am
We have now allocated the puppies for offering to their new owners.

Thursday 02/09/21 5:00pm
The puppies got the once over from the vets and their microchips. Thanks to Jennifer at Glenburn Vets for making this a good experience for the puppies.

Wednesday 01/09/21 7:15 am
More fun and games, with various enrichment toys. The puppies still love their old favorite, a taped up egg box with grated cheese in.

Tuesday 31/08/21 7:30 pm
Test day today for the puppies. They all got to do their Volhard puppy aptitude test. Thanks to Niki and Ann for doing this for us. All the puppies came out as very balanced. They all did a great retrieve, bring the paper ball back to the tester....

Monday 30/08/21 10:00 pm
The puppies were wormed today, using Drontal Puppy Liquid Wormer.

Monday 30/08/21 1:00 am
Todays entertainment, some alfresco enrichment, an IQuties Twist And Flip and a Cardboard box with some toilet roll tubes in it. The former gave the puppies some entertainment but the latter represents better value for money.

Sunday 29/08/21 12:55 pm
Another IQutie enrichment toy, this time a IQuties Dispenser. Easy to clean and better for multiple dogs. Only works with relatively hard treats.

Saturday 28/08/21 9:15 am
The puppies meet their first unknown dogs. A group (or should that be a bustle) of Shih Tzus. A great time was had by all.

Friday 27/08/21 11:30 am
Puppy visits from prospective owners...

Thursday 26/08/21 9:15 am
Today's game is doggy Twister. This is an IQuties dog toy version. Probably better suited to a single puppy or dog, as a team the puppies somewhat worked against each other. This toy is well made and relatively easy to clean.


Wednesday 25/08/21 9:45 pm
This time the egg box is taped up...


Tuesday 24/08/21 11:30 am
Rice pudding for the puppies today mixed in with their usual kibble. We are only adding a little Lactol now and their food is virtually solid.

Monday 23/08/21 9:15 am
More enrichment play, this time with an Egg box filled with cheese, which the puppies quickly got into.

Sunday 22/08/21 12:15 pm
The puppies demonstrate their problem solving skills with an enrichment toy. They really need things to keep their little minds occupied so we are trying lots of enrichment toys. This one is a Kong Replay, pretty good, week point is the end caps could come off. Pretty easy, not at all frustrating, the puppy just needs to push or rub against the toy to get the treats out. A good introduction to enrichment toys for puppies.


Saturday 21/08/21 09:00 am
The puppies are now getting unsoaked or mashed kibble on top of their normal Lactol and kibble must. They all have well developed teeth now, as anyone who goes into the pen with bare legs will testify.

Friday 20/08/21 15:35 pm
It's the ball pit this afternoon. The puppies get their first go in the ball pit. All good experience for them in burrowing into things and feeling unstable surfaces underneath them. Check out the video on Facebook.

Thursday 19/08/21 11:20 am
All the puppies now have collars. This is to get them used to wearing a collar and are not needed for identification but they are all different colours so you may be able to see them on the Puppy Cam. Colours as follows...

White & black, Black over head, back patch ♂ Gareth Lime
White & black, patch on side of muzzle ♀ Vinca Pink
White & black, spot in stripe on head ♂ Magpie Dark green
Black, white on chest ♀ Inky Yellow
Black & tan, white front paws and chest ♂ Keith Turquoise

Black & tan, white front paws and tummy ♀

Dobie Orange
White & black, black patches to tail ♀ Mary Purple
White & black, mostly white, black eye blazes ♂ Albert Royal blue

Thursday 19/08/21 11:00 am
The puppies meet some more prospective puppy owners. Lots of ticks achieved for meeting different types of people and loads of positive experiences for them (puppies and hopefully humans to!).

Wednesday 18/08/21 12:50pm
First visit to the garden, combined with a bit of see-saw training. Any wobbly surface is great for the puppies' proprioception.


Tuesday 17/08/21 10:45am
The puppies first swim. All the puppies got a combined wash and swim. They all did very well, here a few random videos...







Monday 16/08/21 16:45pm
If you hear any strange sounds on the Puppy Cam, it's just the noises for puppies CD. It contains lots of different noises with traffic, children, fireworks etc. it helps the puppies get used to sounds they will hear throughout their lives.

Monday 16/08/21 11:15am
The puppies try there hand at breaking and entering (an egg box with grated cheese)

Sunday 15/08/21 14:30pm
A visit from experienced SWD enthusiasts. We are so pleased that the puppies are getting to meet so many different people. It gives them a terrific head start to have met people before they are 8 weeks old.

Saturday 14/08/21 15:00pm
A busy day for the puppies more visitors. The puppies love the attention. Pasi is not so sure, she is happy for people to play with the puppies, but is being a bit of a pain when people arrive.

Friday 13/08/21 13:00pm
Another visit for the puppies, all this socialisation is really good for them.

Thursday 12/08/21 4:30pm
We tried the puppies with a "paddling pool", a tray with about 2cms of water in it. They mostly tried drinking it, but there was some interaction with the water. Their reticence is a little annoying, considering their absolute joy at paddling in their food dishes.

Wednesday 11/08/21 1:00pm
Another visit from for the puppies from prospective owners. Pasi is happy for the pups to receive visitors and of course the puppies love the attention. It is so important for them to meet as many people as early as they are comfortable. This couple are rel SWD enthusiasts and are friends of Di who literally wrote the book on SWDs. So we have sworn them to secrecy about all our bad habits with the dogs. Again thanks to them for helping with an important part of rearing a litter.

Tuesday 10/08/21 03:00pm
A real milestone, the puppies get their first meeting with people other than us. A lovely family, prospective puppy owners, with a youngster who was great with the puppies. They also got to meet two of our previous owners who have a couple of 59+ SWDs so are very experienced. All in all a terrific day and a great leap for the puppies' socialisation. Thanks to all our guests for taking the time and effort to visit.

Monday 9/08/21 09:00am
The puppies are developing teeth. They are also really getting curious and are playing and seeking out the new toys in the puppy pen. Tinned rice pudding mixed in with their food today.

Sunday 8/08/21 11:30pm
The puppies all got to go into our living room (in a big cardboard box), to meet the other dogs. The most interested was Pili and she gave them a good sniff. Pasi was happy for her pups to be inspected.

Saturday 7/08/21 19:15pm
The latest mug shots...

8 ♂ "Gareth"FiveNinePlus Almanzor 7 ♀"Vinca"FiveNinePlus Trevinca

6 ♂ "Magpie"FiveNinePlus Perdighero

5 ♀ "Inky"FiveNinePlus Pedraforca

4 ♂ "Keith" FiveNinePlus Aneto

3 ♀ "Dobie" FiveNinePlus Collarada

2 ♀ "Mary" FiveNinePlus Alcazaba

1 ♂ "Albert" FiveNinePlus Tempestades

Saturday 7/08/21 19:00pm
The puppies are now registered with the Kennel Club and have their Kennel names, they also have a page on the Kennel Club website (click on their name to visit their page)...

White & black, Black over head, back patch ♂ Gareth FiveNinePlus Almanzor
White & black, patch on side of muzzle ♀ Vinca FiveNinePlus Trevinca
White & black, spot in stripe on head ♂ Magpie FiveNinePlus Perdighero
Black, white on chest ♀ Inky FiveNinePlus Pedraforca
Black & tan, white front paws and chest ♂ Keith FiveNinePlus Aneto

Black & tan, white front paws and tummy ♀

Dobie FiveNinePlus Collarada
White & black, black patches to tail ♀ Mary FiveNinePlus Alcazaba
White & black, mostly white, black eye blazes ♂ Albert FiveNinePlus Tempestades

Saturday 7/08/21 18:50pm
Moved the Puppy Cam slightly so it can see the whole of pen. Every time we think we have it right, the puppies manage to find a place out of view.

Saturday 7/08/21 11:15am
Loads of toys in the puppy pen. The puppies are now much more co-ordinated and have started to play with objects, so it's great to get them used to different textures, noises and the movement of solid objects.

Friday 6/08/21 10:45am
The puppies get their first bath. As they are now eating lots of puppy food, not all of which ends up in their mouths, they get a bit sticky! So a bath is called for. The get a gentle shower with warm water and a little baby shampoo. This also gets them used to water and being cleaned.

Thursday 5/08/21 09:30am
Today's culinary treat is salmon paste mixed in with the usual.

Wednesday 4/08/21 23:30:pm
Although there is a lovely bed in the puppy pen, with lots of vet bed and a heat pad underneath half of it, the puppies all sleep at the front of the, usually in two little groups, often out of view from the Puppy Cam!

Wednesday 4/08/21 15:30:pm
The puppies have a toilet in their pen, this is a tray with a scented puppy pad and some synthetic grass on top. They are actually using this already (although certainly not exclusively!) We think this gives them a bit of a head start with house training and the new owners could use a piece of synthetic grass to prompt the puppies to go outside.

Wednesday 4/08/21 9:20:am
We like to give the puppies experience of lots of types of food, so that they will be tolerant to as many different foods as possible and to enjoy a wide range of gastronomic treats. This goes back to their heritage as country dogs who's diet would have been, to say the least, mixed! On today's menu (mixed in with their usual puppy kibble mashed up with Lactol and salmon oil) it's sardines.

Tuesday 3/08/21 6:40:pm
The puppies are now in their new home, a puppy pen in a room to themselves. The door is left open, we have a baby gate to keep the other dogs out for the moment. This arrangement means the puppies can see our other dogs and hear all noises going on in the house. The chair is for Pasi to hop in and out at will.

Monday 2/08/21 2:00:pm
Dobie went for a wander and Rachel found her fast asleep on Pasi's bed, outside the whelping box. Time to move them to the puppy pen.

Sunday 1/08/21 11:00:am
The puppies eye site is much more developed, they can see us and Pasi coming into the room. They are also able to hear, so we are beginning to talk to them. They get a call of "puppy puppy puppies" each time we put food down for them.

Saturday 31/07/21 11:00:am
The puppies are are now playing with their siblings and Pasi, although she is not that keen on them hanging off her ears!

Friday 30/07/21 7:10:pm
The puppies are beginning to take to mushy food, although walking in it, rolling on it and generally getting it everywhere, seems to be the order of the day at the moment.

Thursday 29/07/21 7:40:pm
Last session of the Super Dog Program, the puppies are now officially Super and ready to join the American Military.

Wednesday 28/07/21 9:10:pm
Lots of toys now in the whelping box. The puppies can now see, so it's a great time to up their stimulation a little. Getting them used to avoiding objects, feeling different textures etc.

Tuesday 27/07/21 9:15 pm
The puppies weekly photo shoot...

8 ♂ "Gareth" 7 ♀"Vinca"

6 ♂ "Magpie"

5 ♀ "Inky"

4 ♂ "Keith"

3 ♀ "Dobie"

2 ♀ "Mary"

1 ♂ "Albert"

Tuesday 27/07/21 9:05 pm
Mum's milk is still the best...

Tuesday 27/07/21 11:30:am
More sloppy surprise for the puppies...

Monday 26/07/21 7:30pm
All the puppies have now over doubled their birth weights.

Monday 26/07/21 4:40:pm
The puppies get their first taste of solid(ish) food. A wonderful sloppy mix of puppy kibble mashed up with Lactol and a dash of salmon oil (for the DHA.). Some (mentioning no names, Albert) took to it straight away, Most were less impressed. It's very early days yet. We like to introduce them to a tiny amount of food as early as possible, so that the transition to solid food can be as gentle as possible.

Sunday 25/07/21 9:00pm
All the puppies eyes are open now. They all develop at different rates and some seem to be able to focus quite well on a face close to them. We are also noticing the difference during their super dog sessions as the ones that can see better seem to protest a little more, especially at the inverted position.

Saturday 24/07/21 8:00pm
In case anyone is wondering, the Puppy plan, which we do with all our puppies, seems to have become defunct. The Web site is no longer there. We are still doing of the requirements (to date this is just making sure the puppies are safe and warm and mum is happy and well fed), but there is no scheme to tick this off on.

Saturday 24/07/21 3:00pm
Pasi is continuing to be a great mum. She is now happy to leave the puppies for quite some time, but is asking to to come back into the room regularly to feed them, despite the heat.

Friday 23/07/21 6:00pm
The puppies eyes are beginning to open. They certainly can't focus yet or see things clearly but they are aware of us moving close to them.

Thursday 22/07/21 9:00am
Puppies all doing well. The one that lost weight yesterday ("Gareth") put on double today so he is back on track. It may well have just been a glitch with the scales. As they get heavier and more lively their measured weight fluctuates more. We would recommend everyone weighs their puppies daily, it is a great tool for giving an early warning if they are not thriving. However the downside is you need to be aware of statistics and not be worried by single readings so it is really important to plot their weights on a graph and look for trends.

Wednesday 21/07/21 8:00pm
We are feeding the puppies any supplementary food (Lactol puppy milk is what we usually use), obviously mum's milk is better for the puppies and when you give them Lactol it can mean they are not getting as much of mum's milk. We are monitoring this and one of the puppies lost a little weight today although this could just be a glitch. We will reconsider this as they get older and mum's milk becomes less important..

Tuesday 20/07/21 21:30pm
The puppies now all have nick names...

8 ♂ "Gareth" 7 ♀"Vinca"

6 ♂ "Magpie"

5 ♀ "Inky"

4 ♂ Keith

3 ♀ "Dobie"

2 ♀ Mary

1 ♂ Albert

Tuesday 20/07/21 4:00pm
We have place a fly zapper above the puppies' whelping box, so you may hear the odd crack noise on the Web cam.

Monday 19/07/21 5:00pm
We have put a baby gate across the whelping room door to improve the air flow and make Pasi feel not so isolated. So you may hear our other dogs and more household noises on the puppy cam. So far it seems to be a success but will monitor Pasi closely to make sure she is happy with the other dogs being able to see in (although they are 8 feet from the whelping box).

Sunday 18/07/21 5:20pm
The blue octopus has made an appearance in the whelping box. Although the puppies can't see yet, they find their way round by touch and we think it's not to early for them to encounter different textures. We have also put a few toilet roll inners in as well...

Saturday 17/07/21 18:30pm
Apparently today was the hottest day in Northern Ireland ever. The puppies don't mind and thrive in hot temperatures. They show their appreciation by sleeping soundly and not squeaking the house down when Pasi goes out for a well earned break...

Saturday 17/07/21 18:00pm
A big thank you to Rachel's friend Pamela, who has lent us a very flashy fan unit, which Pasi is very grateful for. So you may hear some whirring noises on the Puppy Cam.

Saturday 17/07/21 1:00pm
A hot day today, temperature in the whelping room (i.e. our bedroom!) got up to 27°C. This is fine for the puppies, some books recommend trying to keep the room at 30°C for the first two weeks, as they can't regulate their own temperature yet. However it's not so great for Pasi.

Friday 16/07/21 3:30pm
Pasi is a great mum, at first she wouldn't leave the puppies at all and we had to virtually drag her outside to go to the toilet. Today though she asked to go out and spent about five minutes in the garden before making it very clear that she wanted to get back to the puppies.

Thursday 15/07/21 7:00pm
The puppies had their first Super Dog session. This is an early development neurological pathway stimulation system or slightly less scientifically, puppy tweaking. This is done every day, at the same time as we weigh them. It encourages good development, there is some evidence that it achieves the following: it makes them more resistant to some diseases including cancer. It makes them more able to solve problem solving tasks. It makes them mature faster. It also makes the better at maths. Actually I made the last bit up. For more details Click here or Google for Super Dog program.

Wednesday 14/07/21 8:30pm
The puppies' first weigh in. We weigh them each day to check they are all thriving. They did well on their first weigh in, we usually expect them to all loose a little weight in their first 24 hours. With this litter some did loose a little, some stayed the same and some put on weight (the litter as a whole put on a total of 50g). You can check out all the details as they get older on the puppy weights graph.

Wednesday 14/07/21 5:30pm
The puppies had their first trip out in the car. This was to get their first vet check and to have the tail certificate signed. Approximately half of SWD's have naturally bobbed (short) tails. For Kennel Club registration we need to be able to prove that our bobbed tail puppies are naturally short tailed and have not had their tails docked. Thanks as usual to Lyle Fleming and all the team at Glenburn Vets for their great care and support.

Wednesday 14/07/21 2:40pm
Meet the puppies individually...

8 ♂ "Gareth" 7 ♀

6 ♂

5 ♀

4 ♂ Keith

3 ♀

2 ♀ Mary

1 ♂ Albert

Wednesday 14/07/21 10:00am
Some of the puppies now have nicknames. These are not used when we talk to the puppy, (although at the moment it makes no difference as they can't hear yet), but are useful when we are talking about them, rather than just calling them number 3 etc.

Tuesday 13/07/21 3:30pm
Pasi and the puppies happy and contented

Tuesday 13/07/21 9:39am
Eighth puppy born. Male white and black, bob tail, black over head and large patch on back from shoulders to tail, 240g

Tuesday 13/07/21 9:24am
Seventh puppy born. Female white and black, bob tail, black spot on right side of muzzle, 340g.

Tuesday 13/07/21 9:08am
Sixth puppy born. Male white and black, bob tail, black spot in middle of white stripe on head, 430g

Tuesday 13/07/21 8:28am
Fifth puppy born. Female black, bob tail, with white on chest, 330g.

Tuesday 13/07/21 8:28am
Forth puppy born. Male black and tan, long tail, white front paws and white patch on chest 370g.

Tuesday 13/07/21 7:01am
Third puppy born. Female black and tan, long tail, white front paws and tummy 370g.

Tuesday 13/07/21 6:25am
Second puppy born. Female white & black, bob tail black spot between ears, black patches extending down back to tail, 420g.

Tuesday 13/07/21 5:06am
First puppy born. Male white and black bob tail mostly white with black blazes over both eyes, 400g.

Puppy Blog

Puppy Blog

Pasi (FiveNinePlus Pasionaria) the SWD's 2nd litter.


Born 13/07/21, 4 dogs 4 bitches 
Dam: Int. Ch., Ir. Sh. Ch. FiveNinePlus Pasionaria Ir. Jun Ch. CW '18 RL2 Ex."Pasi"

Sire: Valentisimo's Gran Pinnto "Pinto"


Five Nine Plus

Five Nine Plus

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