Monday 19/2/18 16:30
Another fun session in the ball pool. We are going to be doing another one tomorrow, Tuesday, at 4:30pm (UK time for our literally one overseas viewer) so tune in live to the puppy cam to watch the fun. We have also set up a a Twitter hash tag, namely #swdpuppies, click here to go there and make your comments.

Sunday 18/2/18 14:00
A very busy day for the puppies, three sets of visitors including our friends from England over for a Northern Ireland site see and of course loads of puppy cuddles.

Saturday 17/2/18 10:00
We are getting the puppies started in agility by putting a pipe tunnel in their crate. Although at this stage they haven't quite got the hang of it and enjoy climbing over it more than going through it.

Friday 16/2/18 15:50
We have now put a crate in the puppy pen for the puppies to get used to. It took several seconds for them to pile in and make themselves at home. At one point they even shut the door behind them.

Thursday 15/2/18 15:50
The puppies now love the ball pool, jumping in, "splashing" around, carrying the balls around with them.

Thursday 15/2/18 14:30
Another visit for the puppies, they certainly have a full social life!

Wednesday 14/2/18 19:30
The puppies are now spending more time in the living room with us. They have a temporary puppy pen in there. We have also let them run around the living room under supervision, with our other dogs. With 9 of them it's hard to keep a track of their mischief. So if the puppy pen appears empty on the puppy cam, it's not that they have all escaped, it's that they are in the living room.

Tuesday 13/2/18 17:30
Puppies wormed for the second time.

Tuesday 13/2/18 15:30
The puppies got their second bath (and swim) then all of them had their nails cut.

Tuesday 13/2/18 14:30
The puppies get their first run around in the garden...


Monday 12/2/18 15:00
Another visit from a friend and her 6 year old daughter. She was great with dogs (they have a terrier at home) and enjoyed playing with the puppies especially the boy. We are now allowing them to run around in the lounge on the floor with our dogs.

Sunday 11/2/18 14:45
Just one visit today. Minced beef mixed in with their food today, which they all loved. They can all get out of the puppy pen very easily so it is a bit of a battle to get in and out with out any escapees nipping over the gate before you get a chance to close it again.

Saturday 10/2/18 16:00
The second visit and the puppies meet their youngest human yet.


Saturday 10/2/18 13:00
Another full social diary for the puppies, first of two visits from prospective puppy owners...

Friday 9/2/18 15:30
The puppies are getting loads of socialisation from youngsters. Another very enjoyable visit from a prospective puppy family. Lots of smiles and cuddles.

Thursday 8/2/18 15:30
A quiet day for the puppies at least in terms of visitors. Lots of play fighting, chewing on anything that moves and anything that doesn't. A complete spring clean of the puppy pen, meant an hour spent in the living room in a temporary pen with our other dogs.

Wednesday 7/2/18 11:30
Another prospective puppy owners visit. The puppies are enjoying the attention. A pleasure to meet people who know the breed and what they are letting themselves into!

Wednesday 6/2/18 17:00
The puppies have all had their first swim and bath. Some enjoyed it more than others, the gold and green seem naturals. It's a great experience for all puppies to gt to swim at an early age so they learn to love the water in a safe environment.

Tuesday 6/2/18 09:30
It's now getting difficult to walk around in the puppy pen as the inhabitants pounce on your feet and trousers like a demented rugby scrum.

Monday 5/2/18 13:00
More puppy cuddles for prospective owners over from England. All concerned had a great time...

Sunday 4/2/18 17:00
We introduced the puppies to the ball pool, they aren't too sure at the moment, climbing out fairly quickly when lowered in.

Sunday 4/2/18 16:30
Another visitor, this time just a puppy fan, any colour, any breed, Amanda doesn't care...

Saturday 3/2/18 15:30
More visitors for the puppies from prospective puppy owners, I think everyone had a great time and this was the first time the puppies had met young humans...



Friday 2/2/18 09:30
Dish of the day, sardines (a little mixed in with their food), this is their favorite so far.

Thursday 1/2/18 18:20
Some of the puppies have discovered that their tails are for wagging and general destruction...

Wednesday 31/1/18 18:00
The puppies now have a set of hanging plastic containers to bash about.

Tuesday 30/1/18 20:00
The puppies now have a water bowl, which they are drinking from. It's up on the side of the puppy pen, to stop them paddling in it!

Monday 29/1/18 15:45
A couple of snaps...

Monday 29/1/18 10:00
The puppies are now enjoying chewing. Toilet roles, our trousers etc.

Sunday 28/1/18 09:30
On the menu today for the first time, semolina. Looks like tun is still their favorite.

Saturday 27/1/18 20:30
Some of the puppies' teeth are now showing.

Saturday 27/1/18 11:45
The puppies were wormed for the first time. They also had a change of clothes, well collars anyway. We are now washing their old collars. There were some slight colours changes, yellow is now orange and green is now black in case you notice on the puppy cam.

Friday 26/1/18 11:30
The puppies had fish today for the first time (flakes of tuna mashed up with their food). This seems to be their favorite so far.

Thursday 25/1/18 14:30
O.K. this one might not be too delightful to everyone, but the black and white boy, wobbled his way over to the toilet area (a piece of artificial grass in a tray) and poohed. Happy days! This is somewhat of an exception to the usual though!

Thursday 25/1/18 11:00
We have moved the puppy cam down to puppy eye level. It does restrict the view so you may not see the puppies if they are out of shot, but you do get a closer look when they are. Please do let us know if you see anything interesting (you could take a screen shot) or you have any other comments or requests, on our Facebook group.

Wednesday 24/1/18 16:30
We got a bigger bowl, in fact two puppy dishes. The puppies are now playing in all sorts of ways including play fighting...

Wednesday 24/01/18 09:00
The puppies have all exceeded 1kg in weight now, more details on their weight graphs.

Tuesday 23/01/18 10:00
The puppies gastronomic journey continues, they had beef paste today (a little mixed in with their normal food) which they seemed to like.

Monday 22/01/18 14:00
The puppies had their first visitors today. Prospective puppy owners who had told us they were going to be in the area. It's early for the puppies to have visitors yet, but Loli didn't mind so all was well. The puppies are now wagging their tails and playing. Miss Purple played chase Rachel's fingers! They also had their first taste of cream cheese, mixed in with their food.

Sunday 21/01/18 20:30
The puppies have moved! They are now in our dog room (the other dogs have been decamped to sleep in another room). The puppies are in a puppy pen. This gives them a secure, safe place with more space to explore. It has different textures on the ground, toys to stimulate them etc. It also has a toilet area to gently introduce the idea of house training. Pasi, our youngest SWD got to meet the puppies for their first encounter with another dog, it was very brief, as at first Loli was fine with it, but then after 20 seconds or so Loli showed she didn't want Pasi too near them, so Pasi was sent out of the room. Good learning for all concerned.

Sunday 21/01/18 16:00
The puppies are now getting to try new foods in with their normal mix of puppy kibble and lactol. They had hard boiled egg this morning and tinned rice pudding this time. We believe this helps them tolerate different food stuffs in latter life.

Saturday 20/01/18 17:30
The puppies are now all eating well from the puppy bowl and to slightly misquote a film, "we're going to need a bigger bowl".

Friday 18/01/19 18:00
The puppies have graduated from the Super Dog program, they had their last session tonight and are now ready to join the US Military, or be just great companion animals and pets!

Friday 18/01/19 10:30
The puppies are eating solid food more and more, most are taking it from the bowl, some still need a little help. Consequently they are all poohing lots, which means more changes of vet bed!. All there eyes are now open, although according to books they can't really see yet as they can't focus.

Thursday 18/01/18 17:00
We have given the puppies new collars (the ones that need them for colour identification). They are the same colours as before except the brown with no white girl has a pink collar now.

Wednesday 17/01/18 10:00
Puppies eating more solid food (consisting of puppy kibble food, mashed up with Lactol). They are beginning to wander around, up on their legs a bit more. They have all opened there eyes. Here are a few photos...


Tuesday 16/01/18 19:00
The puppies were introduced to solid(ish!) food for the first time. Three of them took a little. This is quite early for solid food, but our view is if they fancy it, it's good for them! This attitude to them won't last forever!

Monday 15/01/18 10:00
The puppies eyes are definitely opening. Miss Red's are completely open, some of the others are not far behind. We have now put some toys in the whelping box, it's unlikely that the puppies will react to them yet as they can't focus even if their eyes are open. We have also been playing them the dog noise therapy CD. This is a CD with lots of noises on, lorries, fireworks etc. So if you hear strange things on the puppy cam, you'll know what it is!

Sunday 14/01/18 12:00
We have removed the puppies collars, it makes for harder identification, but removes the risk of them getting caught now they are more mobile.

Sunday 14/01/18 10:30
The puppies eyes are definitely beginning to open.

Saturday 13/01/18 11:00
The puppies continue to put on weight well. They have now entered the phase where mum leaves them alone quite a bit, then goes to them at specific times for them to feed. We have noticed this before with previous litters. The mum stays in with them fairly constantly for about a week and their weight gain is very steady each day putting on an average of about 50g per day per pup constantly. Then after about a week, the mum decides just to feed them at certain times, they still put on weight at about the same average gain per day, but it fluctuates much more on a daily basis. Click here for the graph.

Friday 12/01/18 10:30
Here is a photo of all nine puppies on their backs for identification purposes as we are thinking of removing their collars. They are in birth order, left to right and top to bottom...

Friday 12/01/18 10:00
The puppies (and hence us!) slept well last night. They have now got into a rhythm, where Loli can leave them for half an hour sometimes even longer. The puppies just sleep until she returns, then it's a charge for the milk bar! If she leaves them for too long, they make their displeasure known though.

Thursday 11/01/18 22:30
The Black girl with the blue collar, got out of her collar. we deiced to leave it off as she is the only black without a collar now. If one of the the other black's loses it's collar we can tell the difference from their white markings on their chests.

Thursday 11/01/18 11:00
A friendship seems to have developed between the Miss gold and Miss Yellow. They are often seen cuddled up together (when not making a dash for the Loli milk bar).

Thursday 11/01/18 09:00
He ain't heavy, he's my brother...

Wednesday 10/01/18 22:30
The puppies little faces are developing little characters now. Some have got whiskers! The cream has gorgeous black pads on her feet. She looks like she has run through soot.

Tuesday 09/01/18 16:30
Puppies all doing well. Loli is now getting a bit more laid back and will leave them for twenty minutes to play with the other dogs, then she barks to get back in with the puppies. She is eating four meals a day (of puppy kibble and a little tinned puppy food) and drinking a lot of Lactol. Well there are nine hungry mouths to feed.

Monday 08/01/18 09:00
Loli continues to be a great mother, leaving the puppies for "comfort breaks" and the odd ramble around the garden, but then back to duty.

Monday 08/01/18 09:00
The puppies ears have now unfolded and their little faces are developing their own characters.

Sunday 07/01/18 15:30
We have taken the gold's black collar off as we are sure she isn't going to get confused with the cream (which was why we put it on in the first place, just in case).

Sunday 07/01/18 15:00
Gave the all puppies a little Lactol from a bottle. As the litter is large we have decided to supplement the puppies feeding a little. Some of them seem to like it more than others and quite a bit missed it's target!

Saturday 06/01/18 11:30
Gave Loli a bit of a break with a play in the garden. As we suspected she is a great mum, she played for about ten minutes, but kept the door in sight and then started coming back to it so we let her back to the puppies.

Saturday 06/01/18 23:30
The puppies are quite noisy, maybe because it's the biggest litter we have had and so there are more to set each other off. They are in our bedroom so we aren't getting a lot of sleep!

Friday 05/01/18 12:30
The puppies got there first Super Dog session this morning. This involves stimulating them, with cotton buds on the paws, turning them upside down and so on. The theory is that this helps build their neural pathways. At the very least we get to cuddle them and coo at their little paws. Loli is a great mother, she shows her concern with a low moan, but soon realises we aren't going to hurt the puppies.

Friday 05/01/18 11:30
Here are photos of each puppy in the order they were born, youngest at the top!

Golden girl, bob tail

Black girl ¾ tail

Black girl ¾ tail

Black and white boy

Brown girl

Brown girl

Black girl ¾ tail

Brown girl ¾ tail

Cream girl

Thursday 04/01/18 17:30
Puppies vet checked by Lyle Fleming at Glenburn Vets. Thanks to him and all the staff for their support. So now the puppies have already had their first visit out!

Wednesday 03/01/18 22:00
Loli and all the puppies doing well.

Wednesday 03/01/18 20:51
Ninth puppy born. Female gold, bob tail, 290g (black collar).

Wednesday 03/01/18 20:05
Eighth puppy born. Female black, small white stripe on chest. ¾ tail, 420g (blue collar).

Wednesday 03/01/18 19:20
Seventh puppy born. Female black, white on chest extending to chin. ¾ tail, 480g (purple collar).

Wednesday 03/01/18 18:13
Sixth puppy born. Male black and white, white blaze on head, white tip of tail, white paws, chest and stomach, 360g.

Wednesday 03/01/18 18:13
Fifth puppy born. Female brown, white cross on chest extending nearly to chin, 380g (red collar).

Wednesday 03/01/18 17:54
Forth puppy born. Female brown 390g (yellow collar).

Wednesday 03/01/18 17:17
Third puppy born. Female black, small white patch on chest, ¾ tail, 430g (green collar).

Wednesday 03/01/18 16:42
Second puppy born. Female brown, small white marking on chest, ¾ tail, 420g.

Wednesday 03/01/18 16:26
First puppy born. Female cream 350g.

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