Monday 16/9/18 17:30
Two puppies here until they are off to their new homes. FiveNinePlus Azpilicueta "Pili" is staying here as Rachel's dog. So three in total. FiveNinePlus Alcantara is next off to her new home, we left her home alone in the puppy pen for a few hours yesterday. She coped every well, and didn't seem at all upset.

Sunday 16/9/18 16:00
Another visit for the puppies, they also got to stay outside in a puppy pen for a while.

Saturday 15/9/18 10:00
FiveNinePlus Rodrigo off to Scotland with his new owner, Lucy...

Friday 14/9/18 16:30
More ball pool fun with the puppies, although now they are so confident they all jump in and most of the balls end up outside the pool.

Thursday 13/9/18 16:30
FiveNinePlus Ascencio "Rio" is off to Ballymena with his new family Paula, Shanon, Hannah and Ross...

Wednesday 12/9/18 08:30
The fabulous five are now a mini marauding hoard, so it is impossible to clean the pen with them in it, they can get out of the puppy pen in the living room, so plan C is they run around the house causing mayhem (I hope Di Williamson isn't reading this!).

Tuesday 11/9/18 18:30
Yet another visit from a prospective puppy owner. A big thanks to all our visitors, it's great socialisation for the puppies, whether they decide Spanish Water Dogs are the breed for them or not.

Monday 10/9/18 16:30
Another visit for the puppies from a prospective owner. Cuddles and licks all around.

Monday 10/9/18 15:30
The puppies can now get out of the puppy pen in the living room. They climb up the mesh walls and as it is a fabric pen, they can pull the walls down and make a break for freedom! So they are now spending much more time causing mayhem on the living room floor.

Sunday 9/9/18 12:00
We have removed the rubber tiles from the pen as the puppies are completely steady on their feet and it gets a bit smelly when wee runs under the tiles!

Saturday 8/9/18 10:00
We are splitting up the puppies more now, to get them used to being with humans only, and being alone.

Friday 7/9/18 08:30
The puppies are demanding lots of attention. So lots of time out of the main puppy pen. It is no very difficult to clean them out with them still in the pen as they swarm all over you.

Thursday 6/9/18 11:00
Two puppies off to their new homes. FiveNinePlus Vazquez "Fred" is off to Manchester with Alison and Alec. FiveNinePlus Carvajal, "Bunsen" is off to his new home in Galway with Andrew and Pati...

Wednesday 5/9/18 14:30
The puppies had there second vet check up and were also micro-chipped. All got a clean bill of health and despite being very noisy, got a compliment on how sociable they were.

Tuesday 4/9/18 21:15
The puppies were all wormed again, ready for their new homes.

Tuesday 4/9/18 14:30
The puppies are now all micro chipped. They also had their vet checks and all are well. Thanks again to Glenburn Vets, Lyle, Grace and the rest of the staff for putting up with a slightly noisy SWD seven.

Monday 3/9/18 8:45
The puppies are now eating unsoaked kibble. Their puppy teeth are now fully developed so they can cope with kibble with no problems. We are still giving them various treat foods in with their food, just to make them tolerant to lots of different foods and to avoid them being fussy eaters.

Sunday 2/9/18 8:30
All the puppies have now reached 4kg in weight.

Saturday 1/9/18 20:30
Another visit for the puppies, this time from internationally renowned breed judges, Kennel Club Assured breeders of Tibetan Terriers, (and friends), Mike and Judi, who kindly gave the puppies the once over. They came to pretty much the same opinion as us.

Saturday 1/9/18 10:30
Lots of puppy assessment today, we ran a mini dog match followed by a mini dog show for them for us to assess their conformation and breed type.

Friday 31/8/18 07:30
The puppies are having dry kibble on top of their mash. Their little teeth are coping well and they are enjoying a munch.

Thursday 30/8/18 20:00 - 22:00
A big day for the puppies today, it was their Volhard Puppy Test . This is used to assess the puppies temperament and suitability for various types of home and owner. The puppie's have to be tested in a place they have never been to before, so a car (well van actually, there are quite a few of them) trip of about half an hour, which is good for them. A big thank you to Jenny and Katherine who must easily be the most experienced Volhard puppy testers in Northern Ireland. They have tested several breeder's litters and are open to doing this, so if you would like your litter tested give us a shout and well put them in touch with you. Remember the litter has to be tested at 49 days of aged, so no testing of teenage delinquent Pit Bulls. It has a down side for Jenny and Katherine as it means they can't meet the puppies until the seven weeks old. The puppies all came out with scores we expected and showed the usual SWD temperaments.

Thursday 30/8/18 19:30
The puppies got to meet some children, well behaved but very excited (both the puppies and the children!).

Thursday 30/8/18 13:00
Another session in the garden today. All seven puppies together. We decided we could let them all out together as they are such good followers of us and other dogs. It was a bit of a herding puppies task, getting them back in, but a good time was had by all including Alfie our three year old "rescue" SWD who really warmed to the puppies and enjoyed them chasing him.

Wednesday 29/8/18 21;00
The puppies had their claws clipped again. They are fairly good and are reasonably still. Some less than others!

Tuesday 28/8/18 15:30
The puppies now have their kennel names and Kennel Club paperwork, so a photo session was in order, in birth order...

Black & white, long tailed boy, FiveNinePlus Carvajal
FiveNinePlus Carvajal

Black & white, bob tailed girl, FiveNinePlus AzpilicuetaFiveNinePlus Azpilicueta

Black & white, long tailed girl, FiveNinePlus Odriozola
FiveNinePlus Odriozola

Black, bob tailed boy, FiveNinePlus Asencio
FiveNinePlus Asencio

Black & white, long tailed girl, FiveNinePlus Alcantara
FiveNinePlus Alcantara

Black, long tailed boy, FiveNinePlus Vazquez
FiveNinePlus Vazquez

Black & white, bob tailed boy, FiveNinePlus Rodrigo
FiveNinePlus Rodrigo

Monday 27/8/18 16:00
The puppies had a session in the garden today. Two at a time, as although our garden is dog secure, it would be easy to lose one of them in it. With the other dogs they had a great time running around. They are already great followers.

Sunday 26/8/18 13:00
The puppies now have a crate in their pen with the same aim as the puppy carrier, getting them used to it and showing them naturally that it is a place of safety.

Saturday 25/8/18 13:00
Two visitors to the puppies today, Diane and Colleen. Both dog breeders of Shih Tzus and Briards respectively. So lots of technical cuddles.

Friday 24/8/18 09:00
We put a puppy carrier in the puppy pen. This gets them used to it and they happily play in and out of it. By play fighting the puppies quickly get the idea that in the carrier is a place of safety as no one can sneak up on them from the sides or behind,

Thursday 23/8/18 13:00
Chicken in cream sauce for the puppies today (mixed in with their proper puppy food of course), yum yum. This is our first litter who don't particularly like sardines. In the hope of a mega sponsorship deal, the kibble we use is Simpson's Puppy, chicken and rice. it gets good reviews (although it seems to have been omitted from the Michelin Guide) and our puppies seem to thrive on it.

Thursday 23/8/18 09:30
All the puppies have exceeded the 3kg weight.

Wednesday 22/8/18 18:30
Loads of visitors for the puppies last night, friends, Helen (who is an Obedience judge, oh dear!), Laura and Ciaran (who are fellow members of Glandore Dog Training Club, so any of our bad practices are well and truly out of the bag now!). Loads of cuddles of course, swapping around etc. sounds like a great party.

Tuesday 21/8/18 17:30
The puppies have a favorite food, minced beef. They had this mixed in with their kibble and Lactol and absolutely fell on it like a swarm (if you can have a swarm of seven!)

Tuesday 21/8/18 15:30
A quite day for the puppies today. They have now been given collars, to get them used to the idea. They took to them well, after a comical couple of minutes of synchrosied scratching.

Monday 20/8/18 10:30
A second visit from prospective puppy owners, after them having spent a fairly soggy mini break on the North Coast. There was a heat wave two weeks ago, honestly.

Sunday 19/8/18 17:00
After all these social engagements time for the puppies to relax by the pool...

Sunday 19/8/14:00
The puppies busy social life continues, another visit from prospective puppy owners. Lots of running around on the floor in the living room (for us and the puppies).

Saturday 18/8/12:00
Another visit from a prospective puppy owner. Good job the puppie's cuddles don't get worn out!

Friday 17/8/18 11:00
The puppies were wormed. There were absolutely no sign of worms, we have never seen any signs of worms in any of our dogs, and we want to keep it that way, which is why regular worming is important, for the puppies as well.

Thursday 16/8/18 12:00
A visit from prospective puppy owners for the puppies. Lots of cuddles. Also the puppies got to run all over the living room floor, with our other dogs for the first time.

Wednesday 15/8/18 09:00
The bop bar has been changed to a towel rail. with towels hanging down for the puppies to tug at. Great for getting them to chase your trouser legs as you walk round the pen and good training for them to destroy your curtains (if you don't set appropriate boundaries).

Tuesday 14/8/18 10;30
The puppies are enjoying their new even wobblier wobble board. Great for the co-ordination and proprioception (being aware of their limbs).

Monday 13/8/18 18:45
The puppies get their first visit in the living room. Lots of cuddles from Ann and Mark. Also their first time in the portable puppy pen with our other dogs milling around them.

Monday 13/8/18 17:20
First swim / bath for the puppies. Even though they are Water Dogs, the puppies need a bit of practice in one of their core skills!

Sunday 12/8/18 12:30
On the menu today, tuna. Line caught of course, they are very ecologically minded puppies.

Sunday 12/8/18 10:00
We have now put the bop bar up in the puppy pen. This is a bar with plastic bottles on strings hanging down from it. The puppies instantly took a like to it, bopping the bottles with their paws and charging into them.

Sunday 12/8/18 09:30
All the puppies are now over 2kg in weight.

Saturday 11/8/18 18:10
There is a proper water bowl in the puppy pen, which the puppies are drinking from, so another skill learned for adult life.

Friday 10/8/18 18:10
The puppies had a visitor, Rachel, who was over to judge at a Rally show, was the first stranger into the puppy pen. The puppies were fairly circumspect at first but quickly came over to her for lots of cuddles.

Friday 10/8/18 09:30
The puppies are all really showing their own individual characters now. The black bob tailed boy is very laid back, taking everything in his stride. The black and white long tailed girl white on the back of her neck is the most vocal and a bit of a prima donna.

Thursday 9/8/18 09:30
The puppy toilet, a tray with a puppy pad and some artificial grass in it, sprayed with a toilet training spray seems to be working pretty well, with quite a few of the puppies using it. Hopefully this will give the a head start in house training later. Not bad for four weeks old. Although I probably wouldn't risk them on a priceless Tuareg rug yet, at least not for more than an hour.

Wednesday 8/8/18 19:30
On the menu today were sardines, mixed in with their usual mashed up puppy food. Actually the puppies didn't seem that keen, but later we mixed in some rice pudding and that did the trick and they loved it. Top tip, if you don't particularly like sardines yourself, try them mashed up with some rice pudding.

Tuesday 7/8/18 09:00
The puppies are starting their gastronomic journey. Today they had tinned rice pudding mixed in with their mashed up puppy food. We are great believers in giving them lots of different foods when they are young to try to combat food intolerances and to stop them being fussy eaters.

Monday 6/8/18 10:00
The puppies are now enjoying their large pen. At first they were a bit overwrought by it. Then they got the lye of the land and realised there was a nice warm (underfloor heated) bed for security. So now they are enjoying play sessions with the toys and each other other. We saw the first play bow as well so they are really starting to become little social beings.

Sunday 5/8/18 12:15
A big day for the puppies, they have moved to the next door room, to a proper puppy pen. This room is normally the dog room, but when we have puppies they get relegated to another room. Pasi seems fairly relaxed and has let Loli (who is the puppies half sister) meet the puppies in the pen.

Saturday 4/8/18 15:30
Lots of playing from the puppies. They are now play fighting with each other in a very cute way, with lots of bops on the nose from little paws.

Friday 3/8/18 09:00
The puppies are really beginning to show their characters. The bob tailed black boy has a very strong character, often letting us know his displeasure with high pitched but proper little barks. Waggle Tail, the long tailed black boy, is much more laid back and tends to put up with things (being weighed, moved into the cleaning out box etc.) a lot more quietly.

Thursday 2/8/18 16:20
The puppies continue to enjoy their food. You can see from the weight graphs that they are now putting on an average of approximately 60 to 70 grams a day up about 20 grams from when they were just feeding from mum.

Wednesday 1/8/18 11:30
If you hear any strange sounds on the Puppy Cam don't worry we haven't moved next to the runway at Belfast International etc, it's just the sound effects CD which we play to the puppies to get them used to everyday sounds before the first fear period starts.

Wednesday 1/8/18 09:30
The puppies have developed actual little barks now. They are quite comical sometimes though and sound a bit like a very heated Sooty and Sweep show.

Tuesday 31/7/18 16:00
The puppies had their first taste of solid (well very sloppy) food, puppy kibble mixed with Lactol. Most of them got the hang of it pretty well, although there were more feet in the main course than is usually associated with fine dining...

Tuesday 31/7/18 09:30
The puppies have all now exceeded 1 kg in weight.

Monday 30/7/18 16:10
Tried the puppies with Lactol again, in a small dish. Several of them had a bit of a lap, even if it was a bit uncoordinated with a bit of spluttering. The black bob tailed boy drank quite a bit of it as he is an old hand at dining now, even asking for a table by the window.

Sunday 29/7/18 13:30
The puppies have now graduated from the Super Dog programme. So they are now fully qualified (for their age) for the U.S. Military! From their prospective it means no more tweaking.

Saturday 28/7/18 16:40
The puppies have had their infants school photos taken, à la 50 years ago with the boys and girls separate...
The girls class
The boys, class 1...
The boys, class 2

Saturday 28/7/18 15:30
The puppies had their first experience of a thunder storm, which they didn't turn a hair at, so that's another experience ticked off. It's an ill wind...

Saturday 28/7/18 11:00
The puppies had their nails trimmed for the first time. They made their displeasure know by squeaking. Hopefully by the time they leave for their new homes they will be well used to this and will be less vocal.

Saturday 28/7/18 09:00
The puppies now have toys in the whelping box with the. Both soft ones for them to snuggle against and ones that make noises when touched. They are at the point where they are starting to react to their environment and so it's important to make sure they get enough stimulation.

Friday 27/7/18 11:45
Three of the puppies have reached 1kg in weight. Rachel, having been away for a week was surprised by how mobile the puppies were. They certainly are darting around the whelping box with purpose now.

Thursday 26/7/18 11:30
Tried the puppies with a bowl (well a coffee jar lid actually) of Lactol. None were particularly interested except the black bob tailed boy, who had a good old lap and seemed to enjoy it.

Thursday 26/7/18 10:15
The puppies eyes have all started to open now. Some of them have nearly fully opened eyes. Some are just beginning to open.

Wednesday 25/7/18 14:30
Slightly weird observation today. Several of the puppies are now dreaming. How do we know? Well they run in their sleep with their little legs making running motions as they lie on their side. The weird thing is that they haven't run when awake yet, so how do they know what it's like?

Tuesday 24/7/18 10:40
The black and white bob tail boy, tired out after a particularly long stretch...

Tuesday 24/7/18 19:30
The puppies are squeaking a bit more during their Super Dog exercises. This is probably due to them becoming more aware of their surroundings due their eyes starting to open. They are also beginning to show their characters a bit more. Waggle Tail the black long tailed boy seems very laid back.

Monday 23/7/18 18:50
A couple of the puppies are just beginning to open their eyes. They are also showing more adult dog behaviors like stretching.

Monday 23/7/18 10:15
The puppies have now all over doubled their birth weight.

Sunday 22/7/18 18:30
The puppies little legs are getting a lot more co-ordinated, They can now do a sort of running belly crawl if there is something worth running for, which in their tiny world is just mum.

Saturday 21/7/18 18:00
Pasi absolutely loves Lactol milk, she prefers it to water. It's great for supplementing her diet to keep her milk flowing well. We think she would drink as much as we gave her, so we are keeping it a bit rationed so she doesn't turn into a an addict.

Saturday 21/7/18 09:00
Pasi continues to be a fantastic mum. She has relaxed of a bit, leaving the puppies sometimes, for the first time she left the puppies and just came and gave me a cuddle. At first I thought she wanted something so offered her water, food, to go out etc, until I realised she just wanted a cuddle! After a five minute cuddle she returned to mothering duties.

Friday 20/7/18 16:25
The puppies are all very contented. They spend most of their time happily sleeping with little full bellies. The only time they squeak is when they get separated from Pasi and have to wobble their little way back to her or they get stuck behind a fold of vet bed.

Thursday 19/7/18 20:15
The puppies had their first visitor. A friend who is also a dog breeder (of Shih Tzus ) happened to be visiting and just popped her head round the door of the whelping room (which also doubles as our bedroom). Pasi did her usual welcoming bark, then settled and was fine with Diane looking at the pups. It's not really recommended for the pups to have visitors at this age, it probably doesn't benefit them much as they still can't hear or see (maybe Diane is smelly enough to be different). However the odd visitor (how many times can I be rude about Diane in one post) doesn't do any harm if the mother is happy. The real visiting will start when the puppies are about 3 weeks old, can hear and see (and are out of our bedroom).

Thursday 19/7/18 11:20
The puppies are now fairly mobile, they can make a bee line for mum when she returns to the whelping box. They can't see or hear yet so they are probably locating her by sense of smell. They'll be playing pinball next.

Wednesday 18/7/18 08:30
For the first time Pasi went outside for more than a few minutes. She actually left the Puppies for nearly ten. She may have been looking for her best friend Loli who is currently on a brief holiday in England, with Rachel. We couldn't ask for her to be a better mum, it must be pretty boring spending virtually 24 hours a day nursing the puppies, with just Radio 4 for company. She is a bit of an Archers critic, if you tune in to the Puppy Cam at 14:15 or 19:15 each day, you may here Pasi howl. She is just letting us know what she thinks of the Archers theme.

Tuesday 17/7/18 17:30
Pasi finds the Super dog exercises a bit taxing and she isn't even doing them! When the puppies are being tweaked and especially when they go on to the cold flannel there is a bit of squeaking (and mild avoidance in the Kennel Club Good Citizen jargon). All good for the puppies, they only have to endure it for less than five seconds, but it does mean that Pasi likes to check the puppies and help them out.

Tuesday 17/07/18 11:15
All the puppies are doing well. Pasi is a very devoted mum and they are thriving.

Monday 16/07/18 20:10
The puppies ears have unfolded which helps them get cuter by the day. Check them out live on the Puppy Cam.

Monday 16/07/18 17:45
The puppies had a trip out to the vets today for their first checkup and tail length certification. We have to get a vet to certify that the puppies with a bob tail haven't been docked and are natural bobs. This means that the puppy owners can prove that they are natural bob tails, should they be challenged at dog shows or dog sporting events. Thanks to Jennifer, Lyle and Richard at Glenburn vets for all their support and care.

Monday 16/07/18 4ish!
Pasi started whining. We let her out into the garden, still whined when she got back, We tried food, didn't want any just whined, Offered her water (which she had access to anyway), still whined. Tried a cuddle, still whined. Then Rachel twigged it, the puppies were a bit spread out, so Rachel gathered them all up and put them against Pasi, the whining stopped! Talk about a diva. Hopefully when the puppies get more mobile and able to hear they will be able to come when she calls otherwise we could be in for a few interrupted nights sleep. On a serious note, it's probably quite a good thing that Pasi isn't bothering to move the puppies herself. One of the draw backs of a very devoted mother, is they can keep moving them by scruffing them. This isn't huge problem, but there is always a small risk of injury to the puppy.

Sunday 15/07/18 19:50
The puppies got there first Super Dog session. This involves stimulating them, with cotton buds on the paws, turning them upside down and so on. The theory is that this helps build their neural pathways. It also means that each puppy gets handled at least twice a day, once in the morning when we weigh them and once in the evening when we do the Super Dog exercises.

Sunday 15/07/18 12:05
Meet the gang (in reverse birth order)...
No . 7 Black and white bob tailed boy

No. 6 Black long tailed boy (He already has the nick name "Waggle Tail" as from his first breath he was wagging his tail!)

5. Black and white long tailed girl

4. Black bob tailed boy

3. Black and white long tailed girl

2. Black and white bob tailed girl

1. Black and white bob tailed boy

Saturday 14/07/18 13:10
Pasi has been a devoted mother, only leaving them when we give her a lot of encouragement, to come outside for a "comfort break". The puppies are very contented, they squeak a lot when she isn't around, but as that is hardly ever they are very quiet and we got a good nights sleep (they are in our bedroom). Only two of the puppies lost weight in their first day. The rest keeping their birth weight or putting on weight. This is very unusual and we have never had any puppies previously that have not lost a little weight in their first day. We think this is due to Pasi's diligence as a mother and her constant feeding of them. Check out their weight progress here.

Friday 13/07/18 12:15
A tired Pasi and her new family. She is already looking like a very loving mother.

Friday 13/07/18 11:15
Seventh puppy born. Male black and white bob tail, 380g.

Friday 13/07/18 8:19
Sixth puppy born. Male black long tail, 340g.

Friday 13/07/18 7:31
Fifth puppy born. Female black and white long tail, 350g.

Friday 13/07/18 6:49
Forth puppy born. Male black bob tail, 330g.

Friday 13/07/18 6:42
Third puppy born. Female black and white long tail, 370g.

Friday 13/07/18 6:42
Second puppy born. Female black and white bob tail, 360g.

Friday 13/07/18 6:23
First puppy born. Male black and white long tail, 320g.

Puppy Blog

Puppy Blog

Pasi the Spanish Water Dog is a mum!


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Dam: Ir. Sh. Ch. FiveNinePlus Pasionaria Ir. Jun Ch. CW '18 "Pasi"

Sire: Espiritu De Arellano Del Sierrasalva "Tio"


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Five Nine Plus

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