Saturday 23/1/2021 19:30
Last but by no means least, Alba (Bouncer) final puppy off to her new home...

Saturday 23/1/2021 19:00
Yara (Patch) off to her new home...

Saturday 23/1/2021 18:30
Next off is Rafa (Tim)...

Saturday 23/1/2021 18:00
Pablo (Clint) about to start his journey home with his new family...

Saturday 23/1/2021 13:00
Uisge (Clown) new home in Ireland...

Saturday 23/1/2021 12:00
Miguel (Stripe)...

Saturday 23/1/2021 12:00
Next to be picked up is Elma (Pi)...

Saturday 23/1/2021 07:00
First puppy handed over, Angus (Collar as was)...

Saturday 23/1/2021 03:00
The puppy handover journeys begin. In line with DEFRA COVID-19 advice we are delivering the puppies to the new families. We have minimised as best we can the total distances traveled, but this does mean less than optimal conditions for the had overs in both in terms of location and timing for some of the puppies.

Friday 22/1/2021 09:30
Final live Facebook session for the remaining 8 puppies. off to their new homes tomorrow.

Thursday 21/1/2021 17:30
Milo, FiveNinePlus Milonga (Pav) off to his new home...

Thursday 21/1/2021 10:10
Off to the vets for micro-chipping and a vet check. Thanks to Kerry and the team at Glenburn Vets for a job well done and the extra puppy cuddles, I mean young canine, human socialisation session.

Wednesday 20/1/2021 17:00
The puppies have now achieved their Eighth and final week from us week Puppy Socialisation Plan Award. Deliberately a fairly quiet week so the puppies feel grounded and secure for the week ahead when they will go to their new homes. We will include their passing out certificates in with the puppy packs.

Wednesday 20/1/2021 09:30
More problem solving for the puppies. cellotaped up egg boxes filled with food. We discovered a noise missing from the sound effects CD, cellotape being pulled of the reel made the puppies jump. It was easily remedied by repeated pulling the same piece off and putting it back again so it was quieter.

Tuesday 19/1/2021 09:30
Carrots for the puppies today. Carrots are a great healthy treat and teething aid. Veggie fun video on Facebook here.

Monday 18/1/2021 14:00
All the puppies have now had their new owners allocated to them! Good luck everyone.

Sunday 17/1/2021 15:00
Photo shoot for the puppies, in the garden on a basket weave chair...

FiveNinePlus Romeras, "Bouncer" a.k.a. Alba.

FiveNinePlus Tientos, "Clown" a.k.a. Uisge

FiveNinePlus Tango, "Stripe" a.k.a Miguel or Miggi for short

FiveNinePlus Vito, "Tim"

FiveNinePlus Melisma, "Pi"

FiveNinePlus Milonga, "Pav"

FiveNinePlus Estrebillo, "Collar"

FiveNinePlus Zambra, "Patch"

FiveNinePlus Corrido, "Clint"

Saturday 16/1/2021 16:30
The first experience of grass for the puppies today. We didn't risk all nine out at once as our garden is probably not puppy proof. So in twos and a three they got to experience the great outdoors.

Friday 15/1/2021 20:10
Second worming for the puppies. We use Drontal Puppy.

Friday 15/1/2021 18:10
The puppies continue to get lots of different foods, in our view this sets them up for later life, not to be finicky eaters and to be able to tolerate all sorts of food stuffs. So far in addition to their usual puppy kibble (two different types now) and salmon oil (high in DHA), they have had tuna, pilchards, sardines in tomato sauce, meatballs and spaghetti, cheese, egg, macaroni cheese, rice pudding, sausage, garlic sausage, hand made nutritious dog treats (thanks Andrew), bread, various meat pastes and paté, Phew! Obviously they only get these doggy junk foods in small amounts.

Friday 15/1/2021 15:20
Hurrah, the new puppy food has arrived. After some great Customer service from Abby at Wellness the Wellness Core Puppy food arrived in the nick of time. There will be enough food going to the new owners for them to swap over to whichever food they want.

Thursday 14/1/2021 12:15
The puppies are beginning to quieten down faster. They still make a real racket when they see us walk past but not come in to entertain them, but now they quieten down in a couple of minutes. It's at that point we go in and play with them. Ha puppies foiled!

Wednesday 13/1/2021 16:30
The puppies are now being given the run of the house (for short times!) We let all nine out of the puppy room to run around exploring. We then pick them up one at a time and put them into the pen and crates in the front room. The other dogs are beginning to tolerate them although there is much running away and jumping on the sofa to avoid being puppy tweaked, especially from our older dogs.

Tuesday 12/1/2021 11:00
A slight hitch with the puppy food. The puppies are on Simpson's Puppy but they are no longer delivering to NI so we need to swap. We are in contact with Wellness to get puppy food.

Monday 11/1/2021 21:30
The puppies have now achieved their seven week Puppy Socialisation Plan Award, This included things like feeding the puppies from different types of bowl and away from the others. More interactive toys. Following exercises. Taking the puppies out and about an meeting people (as much as possible!). Exposing the puppies to real household appliances etc.

Monday 11/1/2021 10:30
Another problem solving exercise for the puppies, probably the most successful so far, which is a bit depressing as it was with an empty milk carton, with a few small slits in (to let the smell out) filled with puppy treats as opposed to the very expensive purpose built dog puzzles we have brought them! They managed to get the top off and sprinkle the treats everywhere. Although a couple of them were more pleased with the top of the carton which they played with and chewed for quite a few minutes.

Sunday 10/1/2021 15:00
Today is test day for the puppies. Each one was Volhard puppy aptitude tested. This was done by two experience Volhard testers (Thanks Jenny and Abbey) who the puppies have never met at a location the puppies haven't been to (Jenny and Abbey's house). Doing this under lock-down rules meant that we had to deposit the puppies one at a time on the door step, to be picked up and taken into the house by the testers. Normally we would go into the house with all the puppies and set up a puppy pen, then the testers take the puppies one at a time into a separate room. This may have changed the results a little, but it is quite possible that not coming into the house and separating the puppies more may have given more accurate results (whatever that means!). Some of the puppies were more shy and retiring than we expected. We will now use the results and our experience of the puppies to match them to their new families. Thanks again to Jenny and Abbey for giving up their Sunday afternoon to do the tests for us and the following video of part of one of the tests...

Saturday 9/1/2021 9:00
Each puppy now takes a turn at getting a meal by themselves (in the puppy pen in the living room), to get them used to eating on their own.

Friday 8/1/2021 18:00
Another ball pool session. Video on Facebook.

Thursday 7/1/2021 10:45
A live Facebook session with the puppies saw them running around, chasing each other and play fighting. The puppies have really developed their own characters now and it is sometimes easier to identify them by their behavior rather than their colour etc.

Wednesday 6/1/2021 10:30
The registration documents, puppy packs etc. have all arrived from the Kennel Club ready to go with the puppies to their new homes.

Tuesday 5/1/2021 16:35
The puppies love human company. Whenever you walk past the door to the puppy room or when they are in a pen in the living room, they flock to the side and cry for you to stroke them. The downside is that they are already learning to manipulate their human (and canine) companions into doing what they want! This is quite common with SWDs!

Monday 4/1/2021 18:00
We are now backing off the Lactol in the puppies' food. They are getting it with one of their four meals a day. Also as they all now have teeth we are adding less water to their kibble meaning it is a little less sloppy.,

Sunday 3/1/2021 16:35
The puppies' first trip out (not counting their initial vet check). They got to travel in the van for 30 minutes each way. Meet a couple of people, a flock of three collie dogs (very well behaved), a pack of Soay sheep, a trio of pygmy goats including a very young one (so they have socialised with another kid) and some chickens. Big thanks to Helen and Brendan for letting the puppies (and us) meet their gorgeous menagerie

Saturday 2/1/2021 16:35
Second bath and swim for the puppies. Here's "Bouncer" doing her length of the "pool"...

Saturday 2/1/2021 09:00
We have put a few plastic steps in the puppy pen. This helps with the puppies proprioception (making them aware of their limb placement and control) as they climb up onto them, with front and rear legs at different heights.

Friday 1/1/2021 15:15
Today the puppies had a problem solving task. An egg box containing cheese and puppy kibble. Working as a team of four or five they got it open in about a minute. They eat the dry kibble and of course the cheese.

Thursday 31/12/20 18:50
The puppies were wormed for the first time. This involves syringe feeding them about 3ml of pink liquid. They don't seem to mind it and this may be an advantage of giving them food from a bottle when they are younger. None of our dogs or puppies have ever shown any sign of worms and we suspect that worming them at this stage before they have been outside is a bit superfluous, but as it is considered good practice especially for Assured Breeders, we do it.

Thursday 31/12/20 14:30
First visit to the ball pit...

Wednesday 30/12/20 14:30
Loli has pretty much given up feeding them. In other news they all now have little sharp teeth.

Tuesday 29/12/20 14:30
The puppies are now registered with the The Kennel Club, they have their kennel names and their own page on the KC Web site so here they all are, click on their names to view their pages...

FiveNinePlus Romeras "Bouncer", black, bitch.

8. FiveNinePlus Tientos "Clown", brown with white markings, dog.

7. FiveNinePlus Tango "Stripe", black, dog.

6. FiveNinePlus Vito "Tim", brown, dog.

5. FiveNinePlus Melisma "Pi", black, bitch.

4. FiveNinePlus Milonga "Pavarotti", brown, dog.

3. FiveNinePlus Estrebillo "Collar", black and white, dog.

2. FiveNinePlus Zambra "Patch", black and white, bitch.

1. FiveNinePlus Corrido "Clint", black and white, dog.

Monday 28/12/20 15:00
The puppies all playing with the toys in their pen. They now have objects like bottles and jars hanging down into the pen for them to wrestle with. They are also very happy with crates, there re two in the pen, an open wire one and a carrier box and they can often be found in them.

Sunday 27/12/20 12:30
The puppies first swim. All were pretty good swimmers, some a bit better than others...

Saturday 26/12/20 15:00
Today's puppy socialisation was meeting men in funny hats!...

Friday 25/12/20 20:00
It's Christmas. The puppies first Christmas included their first long stay in a puppy pen in the living room. Some closely supervised wandering around the living room. Getting licks from the other dogs, although Loli is still quite protective of them and supervises things very closely. Fortunately The Great Escape wasn't on this year!

Thursday 24/12/20 11:30
The puppies have all now achieved their four week Puppy Socialisation Plan Award This included things like ensuring the puppies have exposure to different surfaces, toys etc. Gently restraining puppies, separating them from their litter mates for short periods and taking them to other rooms of the house.

Wednesday 23/12/20 12:20
We have now given the puppies coloured collars, partly to make identifying them on the Puppy Cam and also to get them used to wearing one. We also photoed each puppy wearing theirs, although you can't actually see the collar in many of the photos. The puppies all look very serious and some of them downright huffy as we woke them up!

"Bouncer" with a grey collar

"Clown" with neon yellow collar

"Stripe" with a royal blue collar

"Tim" with a light green collar

"Pi" with a dark pink collar

"Pavarotti" with a gold collar

"Collar" with a pale blue collar

"Patch" with a pale pink collar

"Clint" with an orange collar

Tuesday 22/12/20 15:45
The puppies got to meet and be handled by people other than us for the first time. Our neighbor and his young son had a socially distanced from us, cuddle with all the puppies. This was also the first time the puppies have been outside.

Monday 21/12/20 12;00
The puppies are getting the hang of the dog toilet, consisting of a tray with puppy pads and artificial grass on top, in the corner of the pen.

Sunday 20/12/20 20:30
The puppies go their first taste of television. We took them in twos, one for each of us and had them on our laps whilst we and the other dogs watched TV in the living room.

Sunday 20/12/20 15:35
The puppies have all now achieved their three week Puppy Socialisation Plan Award

Sunday 20/12/20 10:30
The puppies now have a crate in their pen. This is to get them used to the idea. They currently enjoy being inside and under things, card board boxes, vet bed etc. One or two of them are choosing to sleep in the crate, to the rest it's an object of curiosity.

Saturday 19/12/20 18:45
It's all about the fish. Line caught tuna (but not from our waters!) for the puppies' squish course.

Saturday 19/12/20 11:30
We started using a tip we picked up from a Weimaraner breeder in Scotland, she uses as whistle each time she feeds her pups. So we have started giving four short pips on gun dog whistle (Morse code for H for here) as well as the usual squeaky voice yells of "puppy puppy puppies".

Friday 18/12/20 18:00
Pilchards are the side dish or should that be side squish today.

Thursday 17/12/20 15:05
"Stripe" gets the gold star today. He strolled over to the imitation grass "exercise area" and did a little exercise.

Thursday 17/12/20 09:10
On the menu today (mixed in with the usual) macaroni cheese, probably the puppies' favorite so far.

Wednesday 16/12/20 16:30
We have now put a dog bed in the puppy pen instead of the whelping box as the latter was hard for the puppied to get in and out of. The puppies are now very mobile, occasionally breaking into a wobbly run. They are also playing together and just generally wandering around being cute.

Tuesday15/12/20 17:50
Cooked mince lamb mixed with their usual kibble and lactol was on the menu tonight. The puppies' current domestic situation is a puppy pen in our dog room (our other dog's crates have been moved to another room). The puppy room is left open when we are there so our other dogs can have a look at the puppies. Loli can come and go as she pleases, except at puppy feeding time, when we have to shut her out to stop her eating their food! She is currently on four meals a day, sometimes five and is gradually getting her pre-whelping weight back.

Monday 14/12/20 18:20
The puppies have moved! They are now in their new home, a puppy pen in the dog room. We usually do this a bit latter, but they have grown to the point where they can get out of the whelping box so we need to ensure that if they do, they will be somewhere safe. We have put the whelping box in the pen for the moment, latter we will swap it for a dog bed.

Sunday 13/12/20 18:20
The puppy sounds acclimatisation CD is now at a realistic volume. Although the locomotive sounds are from an American train, lets hope the puppies are O.K. with UK trains!

Saturday 12/12/20 18:20
On the menu tonight is mashed up puppy kibble with tinned rice pudding! We like to introduce our puppies to lots of different food stuffs early in their lives. This makes them less likely to be fussy eaters later.

Friday 11/12/20 20:45
The puppies get their first taste of slightly solid food! A gastronomic delight consisting of a delicate Lactol foam, smooth purée of puppy kibble with a light drizzle of salmon oil. Yum!

Thursday 10/12/20 20:45
The last session of the "Super Dog" programme tonight. The puppies are now super!

Thursday 10/12/20 20:30
The puppies are really interacting with us and their siblings. Play fighting, rolling around together and playing with their various toys.

Thursday 10/12/20 09:45
We have not moved the puppies. If you hear traffic noise, trains, fireworks etc. on the Puppy Cam, it is just the puppy sounds acclimatisation CD.

Wednesday 9/12/20 20:00
Weigh ins are becoming difficult as the puppies are now very mobile and can see! Expect fluctuations in the weight graphs.

Wednesday 9/12/20 09:30
We cut the puppies nails for the first time as they had grown quite long. Lots of benefits, not least to Loli! Also gets the puppies used to a procedure they are going to need to be happy with throughout their lives.

Tuesday 8/12/20
The puppies have completed their first two weeks of The Puppy Plan. The first two weeks focus on Loli and keeping her healthy and thriving, which of course is the most important thing for the puppies health as well.

Monday 7/12/20 12:50
One contented litter of puppies...

Sunday 6/12/20 19:10
The puppies are really mobile now and can walk (well wobble anyway) around.

Saturday 5/12/20 18:45
Most of the puppie's eyes are now opening. They have a slightly bemused look and they can't focus yet.

Friday 4/12/20 19:25
One of the puppies, "Patch's" eyes are almost open. "Tim" was seen interacting with the toy octopus. He was munching his way along one of the tentacles, making it crunch.

Friday 4/12/20 on and off all day!
Lots of power cuts today so the Puppy Cam was up and down a lot. I was standing by with the hot water bottles in case the power was down for a long time as the puppies can't regulate their own body temperatures yet. Luckily it was never off for much more than an hour so the puppies stayed warm.

Thursday 3/12/20 07:30am
We have given the puppies a toy "play" with, a big soft octopus. Although their eyes are not open yet, they can interact with different textures.

Wednesday 2/12/20 22:30pm
We have had the puppies on our bed for cuddles (two at at a time so we can keep track of them). This gives them a different surface to experience, different smells and a new world to explore. And what's not to like about puppy cuddles.

Wednesday 2/12/20 19:30pm
The puppies are putting on weight very well gaining between 40 and 110 grams today.

Tuesday 1/12/20 10:30pm
The puppies are getting more mobile. They are starting to get up on their feet when they "walk", although they won't be running any marathons yet!

Monday 30/11/20 20:30pm
Meet the gang..
Black boys from left to right, 7 "Stripe", 1 white chest and tummy and 3 "Collar"

Brown boys from left to right, 6 "Tim", 8 "Clown" and 4 "Pavarotti"

Girls from left to right, 5 "Pi", 2 "Patch" and 9 "Bouncer"

Monday 30/11/20 19:30pm
Some of the puppies have nicknames now, these are just names that we use when we refer to them. They are "Patch", Collar", "Stripe" and "Tim". You can see which is which on our puppy weight graph.

Sunday 29/11/20 18:50pm
Loli is getting used to the puppies undergoing their "Super Dog" sessions. At first she found this a little difficult as they do let odd the odd squeak and she would jump up and lick them. She now is a lot more relaxed and doesn't look up. The puppies are also getting used to it and protest a lot less.

Saturday 28/11/20 7:30pm
Loli is happy to leave the pups for a few minutes, just for a cuddle in the living room with us. Which is great as it means she is happy and content that they are safe. They are currently in our bedroom, which means the other dogs aren't allowed in there at all.

Saturday 28/11/20 11:50am
The puppies have no idea of social distancing...

Friday 27/11/20 19:40pm
Tired out after a particularly long suck. The first puppy with a name, she's called Pi on account of the π on her chest. We don't use these nicknames to the puppies, in fact we avoid using the same words to call them or interact with them so that when they get to their owners, they can name them and they will learn their names easily.

Thursday 26/11/20 20:30pm
The PuppyCam is now up and running, so anyone can get a puppy fix if needed.

Wednesday 25/11/20 19:40pm
The puppies get their first weigh in(following their birth weight recording). Unusually and despite being a hefty litter only one had lost weight from it's birth weight, and the smallest one held his birth weight. You can see the details and track their progress on our puppy weight graph. We weight the puppies every day as we think this helps spotting any possible issues early. The disadvantage is that you have to not worry if a puppy loses weight on a particular day. The weight as measured is a little inaccurate, due to the puppies not being great at staying still on the scales and also measurement inaccuracies. However plotting a graph of the weights every day means you can spot trends more quickly.

Wednesday 25/11/20 19:20pm
The puppies get their first "Super Dog" session. This involves neurological stimulation which is done to each puppy once a day (for about 40 seconds in total). It has many benefits, including developing stronger hearts, greater resilience to stress and surprisingly greater resistance to disease. It also makes sure each puppy is handled at least once a day, and not just our favorites, which of course we don't have.

Wednesday 25/11/20 17:00pm
Off to the vets for Loli and her litter for a routine checkup and to have their tail length certificate signed. Thanks to Lyle Fleming and all at Glenburn Vets for their continuing care and support.

Tuesday 24/11/20 12:55pm
Loli, the already devoted mum and her new family.

Tuesday 24/11/20 10:55am
Ninth puppy born. Female black, white splash on chest ¾ bob tail, 450g.

Tuesday 24/11/20 8:55am
Eighth puppy born. Male brown, four white feet and nose, long tail, 410g.

Tuesday 24/11/20 8:52am
Seventh puppy born. Male black, white stripe on fore-chest ½ bob tail, 460g.

Tuesday 24/11/20 6:04am
Sixth puppy born. Male brown, white blaze from chest to navel, ¾ bob tail, 240g.

Tuesday 24/11/20 5:16am
Fifth puppy born. Female black with white π on chest, long tail, 490g.

Tuesday 24/11/20 4:54am
Forth puppy born. Male brown, ¾ bob tail, 500g.

Tuesday 24/11/20 4:23am
Third puppy born. Male black and white, white half collar and tip of tail, long tail, 460g.

Tuesday 24/11/20 3:40am
Second puppy born. Female black and white, white patch on back of head, ¾ bob tail, 490g.

Tuesday 24/11/20 3:36am
First puppy born. Male black and white long tail with four white paws, 450g.

Puppy Blog

Puppy Blog

Loli the Spanish Water Dog is a mum!


Born 24/11/20, 6 dogs 3 bitches    Click here for litter details on Champ Dogs
Dam: Ir. Sh. Ch. Sierrasalva's Estrellita at FiveNinePlus Ir. Jr. Ch. NTD "Loli"

Sire: Nestor Vom Hause Kristo (Imp Fr) "Noah"


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Five Nine Plus

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